The G3 Product Range

The G3 Product Range

G3 Applicator Waffle Pads

G3 Applicator Waffle Pads reduce effort, increase effectiveness and minimise wastage when applying G3 Professional products. Their unique surface distributes pressure evenly across the pad, ensuring you get the ultimate finish to your paintwork.

The pack contains one white Applicator Waffle Pad for applying G3 Scratch Removers , G3 Paint Renovator and G3 Colour Restorer, and one black Applicator Waffle pad for applying G3 Resin Superwax and G3 SuperGloss Paste Wax.


Use with:


G3 PERMANENT Scratch Remover

With the white Applicator Waffle Pad

Next step:


G3 Resin Superwax

With the black Applicator Waffle Pad