The G3 Product Range

The G3 Product Range

G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt

After shampooing there may still be microscopic contaminants on the surface of your paintwork. These won’t be visible to the naked eye but feel rough if you rub your finger along the surface, and can lead to scratches and other paintwork damage.

The G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt uses an advanced rubber polymer technology to remove ingrained, bonded contaminants such as dirt, bugs, tar spots and other dulling pollutants from paintwork, windscreens and even headlights.

Simple in use, its easy-glide application allows for controlled handling and lasts up to 5x longer than traditional clay bars. The result, amazingly silky smooth surfaces thoroughly prepared for paint renovation or waxing.

Must be used with a lubricant, preferably G3 Pro Bodyshop Detailer. This allows the mitt to glide over the surface, picking up the microscopic contaminants.


Use with:


G3 Bodyshop Detailer

To lubricate the surface

Next step:


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