Product Uses

Product Testing

All companies claim their products are the best and last the longest, so we can see why people find it hard to know which ones to try. That’s why we test our products both with our in-house Research and Development team and external testing companies, so you know just what you’re getting!

G3 Colour Restorer

Our technical team have done a fantastic job on testing the new formulation here and revealed that G3 Colour Restorer gives three times the gloss T-Cut’s market leading Colour Restorer does. To see our test reports for yourself, click here: Colour Restorer test report.

G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt

We put our new G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt to the test by our professional tester, Rob Stobbs from Autoshine Professional Valeting. We lined up 21 cars of various sizes, ages and dirtiness and each was shampooed and given one full pass with the mitt, using G3 Bodyshop Detailer as the lubricant. After each car, we examined its condition – 1 mitt and 3 days later, here are the results.

G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt at 0 uses0 cars
G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt at 8 uses8 cars
G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt at 15 uses15 cars
G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt at 22 uses21 cars


Even after 21 uses, the mitt was still going strong! And with your average clay bar lasting between 3 and 5 uses, we can safely say the G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt far outlasts the traditional option to claying.

5x longer