Product Uses

G3 Technology


Bodyshop professionals have been trusting Farécla for over 60 years. Investing heavily in research and development and working closely with paint manufacturers, our most advanced formulations are now available in our G3 Pro range for you to use at home.

Engineered Diminishing Abrasives

The key to restoring paintwork to a flawless, defect-free shine is Farécla’s technology system. The compound formulas in G3 PERMANENT Scratch Remover and G3 Paint Renovator contain Engineered Diminishing Abrasives (EDAs). These elements start out with sharp edges to abrade light scratches, but then break down into a smooth polishing fluid to buff the surface to a high shine. This means you cannot overwork the product and the results are fantastic – spotless, glossy paintwork and without the need for a polishing machine! 

To discover more about G3 Pro’s EDAs, check out our video.



The G3 Pro range offers a complete home solution from preparation and paint renovation through to waxing and regular maintenance; all-in-all, its unique offering has made it the number 1 recommended brand by bodyshop professionals for you to use at home.