Product Uses

About Farécla

It was back in the 1950′s that Paris born chemist Georges Fevrier made our first ever formula for polishing cars. It was soon after that that the brand of Farécla was born, which is actually the combination of two French words meaning ‘shining’ and ‘bright’. Our products have been doing exactly that ever since.


The early range comprised of our original rubbing compounds, G1, G2 and G7 and was followed some years later by our famous G3 Paste. It was originally sold only in the UK, however race forward 60 years and our development of products specifically for the professional bodyshop market has seen its supply grow to over 120 countries worldwide.

It was then in 2011 that the G3 Pro range was launched. Taking our most advanced formulations and redeveloping them for home use, car owners can now use Farécla products themselves and get the same professional results they would expect from a bodyshop.

Along the way, our development scientists have selected only the very best raw materials to make our products. Our products are tested in partnership with leading paint manufacturers to ensure compatibility and effectiveness with the latest paint finishes.

Farécla is proud to have earned a reputation for delivering excellent product performance, satisfying the demands of both the professional bodyshop trade and car owners for whom only perfection will do.