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The 2014 Product Award goes to…G3 Scratch Remover!

G3 Professional PERMANENT Scratch Remover Liquid has won its second award of the year from AutoExpress, winning the title of Best Scratch Remover in their 2014 Product Awards! Announced in their June special out this week, Auto Express said:

“The key to a successful scratch remover is getting the balance between removing light marks and damaging the finish. G3 manages that best with a formula abrasive enough to diminish our marks, yet little risk of going too far.

“Big pack and keen price help, but what keeps it on top is its ability to improve the finish and leave a good shine.”

We have now won several awards with the magazine, which you can check out on our Award Winning Formulas page; and with our continuous research and development, we aim to stay ahead of the rest!

To see G3 PERMANENT Scratch Remover in action, please visit our videos page.