• G3 Body Prep Shampoo

    G3 Body Prep Shampoo removes surface contaminants to leave your car clean and prepared for renovating, scratch removal & waxing.

  • G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt

    G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt removes microscopic contaminants that aren’t visible to the naked eye but can lead to scratches and other paintwork damage.

  • G3 PERMANENT Scratch Remover

    G3 PERMANENT Scratch Removers use a blend of Engineered Diminishing Abrasives (EDAs) to remove light scratches.

  • G3 Paint Renovator

    G3 Paint Renovator uses a blend of Engineered Diminishing Abrasives (EDAs) to gently and effectively remove swirl marks and colour fading.

  • G3 Colour Restorer

    Restores colour and removes microscratches, swirls, light oxidation, holograms and tree sap, bringing paint back to showroom condition.

  • G3 Resin Superwax

    G3 Resin Superwax is constructed from carnauba, montanic and paraffin waxes for easy use, a mirror gloss finish and up to 4 months protection.

  • G3 SuperGloss Paste Wax

    G3 SuperGloss Paste Wax contains hydrocarbons, microwaxes and carnauba wax for an ultra high gloss finish and up to 6 months protection.

  • G3 Bodyshop Detailer

    G3 Bodyshop Detailer is a mild cleanser for use in-between washes which removes surface grime and leaves a just-waxed, high gloss finish.

  • G3 Applicator Waffle Pads

    G3 Applicator Waffle Pads reduce effort and increase effectiveness when using G3 Professional products.


Don’t let it come back!

Make scratch removal PERMANENT

A professional bodyshop wouldn’t want customers coming back to say the scratch they removed had re-appeared, so that’s why they recommend G3 PERMANENT Scratch Remover. Its unique formula doesn’t contain fillers to temporarily mask scratches – instead it uses Engineered Diminishing Abrasives to remove them PERMANENTLY, meaning they won’t come back after a few washes.

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